Microchipping Koi



Microchipping Koi

1)   Ensure you’ve got some help! For the sake of the fish, just lightly anaesthetise and have someone with you to do the paperwork and assist in the chipping process by restraining the fish in case it should flap.

The implant site is not large so we do not recommend microchipping fish under 8" long!




2)  Here the implanter has the fish restrained and the implant is done quickly and smoothly to avoid stressing the fish. 





3) The implant site is then scanned (see right), to ensure the chip is in place and working. Once satisfied that all is well get the fish into a recovery tank as soon as possible.


Microchipping fish should only be undertaken by those specifically trained in the techniques of microchipping fish. 

Certification to microchip companion animals does not cover fish microchipping!

Chips4Fish will not supply microchipping equipment to anyone who has not been trained to chip fish!





This short video shows the chipping of a koi. Just click on the blue box below
(The video may take a minute or so to download depending on your bandwidth). 

Chipping Koi Chipping Koi - The Video


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