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Large specimen carp and indeed other species, are always the likely target of thieves, from leisure fisheries, fish farms and even from garden ponds.  

Leisure fishery owners!   Do you remember the floods of 2007?  
An Anglers Mail article reported that the Environment Agency had 'rescued' 11,000 fish over a two or three month period!  
No-one knew who the fish belonged to - and how do you identify your fish and prove ownership 'beyond all reasonable doubt'? Now you can - with a Chips4Fish microchip implant!

A Chips4Fish microchip could have identified those fish and led to them being returned to their home lake and rightful owners (after a period of quarantine of course).  How? Through the unique ID number written to the microchip during manufacture. When you implant a Chips4Fish microchip and register it on the national database, you give that fish an indisputable home address - your lake!

Stock Management .....
Microchipping your fish is not just about the danger of theft or flood loss. Microchipping is a valuable management tool

 *** Microchip Implant Training       Course for Fish***
The next implanter training course is planned for When YOU want it! On your own water or at a training lake.  Please contact me asap if interested.

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Don't miss the rod-builders page.
A listing of specialist rod builders who will add microchip security to your new rod or 
if asked, may be prepared to retro-chip your old rod! 

'Did You See' page.

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