Chips4Fish clients offer you the following services:


HBS Fisheries

HBS Fisheries offer excellent growth strain common & mirror carp, tench and Rudd for sale. 

Our fast growing strain of Common and Mirror carp are all bred from our own brood stock, and grown on in our lakes. All these fish are English fish and come with a health certificate.

HBS fisheries also offer fishery management services including electrofishing and seine netting services. 

HBS fisheries also now offer a fish micro-chipping service using our specially trained staff and we supply scanners and signage to help protect your fishery

Contact:  Richard Bult.
               HBS Fisheries
Tel: 01823 412389 


Bruno Broughton
Broughton Fishery Technologies.
One of the UK's leading (and our own) fishery consultants.

Greenmann AquaticsDorset based supplier of high quality koi carp. Our first appointed retailer/chip implanter for the koi trade.


Moulicent Lake. Normandie, France. A picturesque long lake of four acres with just four pegs along one bank only and offering great carp fishing to over 50lbs.