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Lakeside anti-theft signs

The first line of defence against the fish thieves is to tell them that YOUR fish are   carrying their own individual and indisputable ID in the form of a tiny microchip. With any luck the miserable fellow will slink away and try his luck at the lake down the road that hasn't had the foresight to protect his stock!

Our family of HIGH VISIBILITY signs, A3, A4 and A5 in size, are made to a high     standard and are guaranteed for three years against normal weathering.          They are inexpensive and the A3 and A4 sizes are available 'off the shelf'.


The Chip4Fish implant gun is very easy-to-use. It is made to a sturdy design in plastic and has a simple handle-squeeze trigger action.  It is inexpensive to replace if it does get broken and comes 'free-of-charge with first orders over 40 chips.

The needle clips securely into the implant gun for precision positioning of the transponder in the fish. Also, for easy of implantation in those 'tricky spots' the gun barrel can be made detachable affording the implanter more flexibility and 'reach'.


Chips4Fish 'Aquawrite' A6 size pad is ideal for the fish farmer or fisherman as it's specially treated paper will allow you to write on it in the rain and even under water. Perfect for keeping notes as you work or fish and the handy size means that it fits in your pocket!

Your initial pad comes in a green cover with a free pencil.

Refill pads come just as refill pads!


4ltr and 1 Ltr 'Sharps' boxes

Safety always being paramount we supply a 4ltr Sharps Box for the safe keeping and disposal of the fish injection needles.  When full simply take the sealed box to your local chemists for disposal.


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