Chip4 Fish supply a concise range of microchip scanners designed to meet a variety of demanding criteria and recognise other companies transponders!  

The newest addition to our range is detect-a-chip, a powerful, inexpensive, pocket scanner that will read ANY animal implantable microchip as at date of introduction (November 2005). We have listened to our customers and detect-a-chip is the scanner that has been asked for, a universal scanner at a reasonable price. For full information click [here].

Lost some fish or want to check your chipped fish are still in your lake - buy or hire a submersible scanner and just let the fish scan themselves
as they move around the water.  Come back in a week and see who's swum by - and who's missing! 

Hand-held Scanners



detect-a-chip  -  New to the Chips4Fish range of scanners, detect-a-chip is a handy
                                  pocket scanner with a big read capability at a very economical cost.

detect-a-chip  -  the only scanner currently on the market that reads ALL KNOWN
used for companion animal ID implantation!



 Petscan    -      A really nice little scanner with a handy wrist rope to stop you dropping it in the water!
                         The scanner is very robust and has an exceptional read distance for a hand-held. 

                          It  really is ideal for use in fisheries and for rod builders etc




LID 572 ISO or Multi

                        A handy, pocket sized reader that will read all ISO 11784/11785
                        transponders and, most importantly, in zoological situations, also
                        recognises the Trovan ID-100 'Unique' transponder widely used in
                        captive breeding programmes.
                        The LID 572 ISO is very flexible and can be used either as a stand
                        alone reader, handy for simply scanning an animal for identification
                        purposes, it can also read, date stamp and store up to 1600 individual
                        transponder ID strings for recovery to a PC later.
                        The LID 572 ISO can also be connected directly to a Laptop and
                        records written up or viewed at the time of scanning individual animals.
                        Also available is the 'protect-a-case', a strong, protective, slip-on ,

                        rubberised cover. Invaluable protection in case of 'drop' accidents. 
                        Click [
here] for a LID 571 ISO technical specification sheet.
                                       or click [here] to see the protect-a-case.


ARE H5        -  The ARE H5 is a larger, more robust reader, ideal for heavy usage
                       situations or where it might have to endure 'rougher' treatment. It
                       reads the full range of  transponders; ISO 11784/11785, Trovan
                       ID-100 'Unique'
as well as the older FDX-A transponders.

                       The ARE H5 has a read distance of 10 - 20 cms and comes with free
                       software, battery, battery charger etc as standard.

Click [here] for a technical specification sheet

Special Projects: 

         Adapting the LID 571 ISO or our detect-a-chip scanner, by adding either
         a 'probe' extension, illustrated) or a longer, flexible extension, opens up
         the opportunity to read transponders at a distance. 

          We can also supply readers with waterproof antennae able to
         read transponders underwater. 
Contact us for further details.


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