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This is a microchip transponder.  It is about the size of a grain of rice  and is bioglass encapsulated. The transponder has an unalterable ID number programmed into it and it will only give that number up to a scanner designed to read it. 

Our transponder contains no lead solder!

The rod builders link below will take you to a list of constructors who will build a microchip into your new rod 

Rod Builders

Rod constructors can build in a microchip that you can't remove without destroying the rod!

The above reel seat hides a microchip containing a unique identity number that could identify this rod as YOURS!
Or you could just have it stolen!

Our 3 Chip TacklePack


3 x microchips and barcode labels
4 x adhesive tackle labels
1 x installation advice note
3 x soft foam rubber plugs
3 x database registration forms


Tony's Tackle, (online)

Downham Tackle
443 Bromley Road
0500 300286  





Why let your fishing gear remain unprotected?  Microchips are inexpensive and easy to fit, into or onto, your valuable equipment.  Just find an out of the way position and glue on a chip or slip it into the lining of your bag or box.

Recently, on one of the major web forums, an angler reported the theft of some 6500 worth of equipment.  Fellow anglers sent their sympathy of course and suggested that the angler should 'keep an eye out at Boot Sales and the like'!

Even if you see a rod, pole or other piece of equipment that you could swear was yours at a boot sale, can you prove it?  

A microchip can!

Police forces have scanners to read our microchips and some of the more enlightened fishing clubs and lakes have, or are getting the scanners as they get involved with chipping their own fish for management and fish security.

We are always interested in talking to the local rod-maker and have special
arrangements to encourage them to encompass microchipping their rods or other equipment as they assemble it. 

Click [here] for a list of rod builders who will microchip your new rod.

Click on the blue button below right (under the black screen) to see a short video of how a microchip in your angling tackle may
help to get it returned to you if it were
lost or stolen!

DIY tackle chipping

The chips are available in small numbers for tackle security purposes and no special expertise or equipment is needed to microchip your tackle. Simply fix the microchip to the item you wish to tag, in an out-of-the-way position where it is not obvious, complete the national database record and return it to us.

This reel below is microchipped!  It's not difficult - I did it myself in about ten minutes! In a hundred years time the chip in the reel will, unless the database is updated, still tell the reel collector that the reel belongs to me!


Click on the round   > button in the box on the right to see a short video about chipping tackle


Sussex Police say:-
"Any initiative that can assist in reducing crime is welcome but where theft of property does occur, your product will undoubtedly facilitate the return of the items to their rightful owner".
Dennis Donovan.
Force Crime Reduction Adviser

 Microchipping your equipment is not expensive.  

Our Single chip Tackle Pack costs just 9.50, the three chip pack only 26.00. All packs include 'life of the item' national database registration for each rod or other item chipped.

10 chip TacklePack

76.50 inc vat

3 chip TacklePack
Normal price 26.00

Single chip TacklePack
Normal Price 9.99
Free p&p on all orders!

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Don't lose it - Chip it!

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