The Transponder

At just 12mm x 2mm the Trovan standard micro-transponder
(microchip) is about the size of a grain of rice and was one of the smallest on the market until we bought out the Trovan Mini-Chip which is just 8mm x 1.4mm.


Produced by Trovan, the Chips4Fish transponder uses the very latest (FDX-B) technology.  It arrives individually packed in sterilised blister packs and, most importantly:

Chips4Fish is fully ISO 11784, 11785 compliant

Transponders are often referred to as microchips or 'chips'.

 Why use Chips4Fish?

  • Chips4Fish  -  has only 6 components (compared with 17 - 19 for most other brands) so has
                                less possible failure points.
  • Chips4Fish  -   contains no lead soldered joints.
  • Chips4Fish  -  is one of the smallest transponders on the market.  Independent trials show that
                               the smaller the 'chip' the less likely it is to migrate.
  • Chips4Fish --  can be read by all ISO readers, regardless of manufacturer!
  • ...............  because Chips4Fish is fully ISO 11784, 11785 compliant!  

                         For further information click [here]

      The Needle:

      The Chips4Fish needle is double beveled making it as sharp as a scalpel and the special thin-wall
      design allows us to use a smaller sized needle so helping minimise discomfort to the animal.

The needle clips securely into the Chips4Fish Implant gun for precision positioning on implantation. 

The gun is strong and durable, with a pistol-grip for total control and ease of use.  It fits comfortably into the palm of the hand and is operated by simply squeezing the 'gun' handle to extrude the chip.

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