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Chips4Fish is a stand alone company formed in 1999 to provide fish owners with an inexpensive, modern means of identifying their fish should they become 'lost' or get stolen.  As the name implies, Chips4Fish concerns itself solely with fish; lake carp, Koi and other specimen freshwater species, marine fish and angling tackle.  

Chips4Fish also works closely with Petlog the national dog and cat microchip database. Petlog have now added fish to their database so this has given fish a national database umbrella.  Indeed an international database coverage as Petlog themselves share information with who have international coverage!

A recent addition to the activities of Chips4Fish is the introduction of microchip tagging for angling tackle, particularly rods, reels, bait boats, bivvies and seat boxes. 

We have an expanding network of some of the best rod builders in the country who are offering to microchip rods, during the build process, against theft or loss. Some of them also offer a retro-chipping service and will professionally microchip your existing tackle. 

Click rod-builders for details. 

A dedicated national database for microchipped angling tackle has been established
with hard-copy file back-ups so if your microchipped tackle goes 'missing' you've now got a realistic chance of getting it back.

For the angler who already has valuable tackle that is currently unprotected we have introduced a range of TacklePacks to enable you to DIY microchip your own gear. It's easy, it's inexpensive and Angling Times' Keith Arthur said "You'd be a fool not to!"  Full details (here).