Let's Get Technical…

Migration…Size really does matter…small is best!!



The ID-162 microchip marketed by and as Chips4Fish is assembled using Trovan-proprietary, patented manufacturing technology. 


Migration. At 12.0mm length, the "ChipsFish" transponder, made by Trovan, is smaller than our competitors.  Independent trials have shown that large transponder size is the principle indicator of migration, breakage and abscess formation. Independent comparative tests involving large and small implantable transponders show that micro-transponders (those measuring 12mm in length or less) are least prone to migration and breakage.




No lead. The Trovan patented direct-bonding method uses gold bumps, NOT lead solder. The "Chips4Fish" transponder has no lead soldering joints. Lead is a toxic substance.



Greater reliability. The Chips4Fish transponder has a reduced number of components due to patented design features. Conventionally constructed transponders have up to 19 potential failure points, as shown below:


Glass Capsule (2 seals)
Physical Bonds (part attachment)
Wire Bond Connections
Solder Joint Connections
Plated Copper Connections

Potential failure points

17 > 19



Simplification: When required, usually with raptors, parrots and fish, we can supply a the pet-detect® registration form.  It is simply a form - no gimmicks - no unwanted insurance or travel deals and designed in consultation with PetLog it is quick to complete and easy to understand.



Needle gauge

- is defined by the inside diameter of the needle. It's logical that a thin, extremely sharp needle is kinder to the animal. It's that simple. Unlike competing brands, the Trovan needle has a unique 'thin-walled' design. As a result, the outer diameter (OD), which is what the animal experiences during implantation, is significantly smaller with the Trovan needle. It is in fact more like a conventional 13-gauge needle than the standard 12-gauge needles used by many other brands. 

Standard 12 gauge = 0.08" 0.107" O.D.
AEG needle = 0.0785" 0.101" O.D.
Standard 13 gauge needle = 0.072"  

Minimising the outside diameter (O.D.) of the needle is important in animal applications, because it decreases the chance of haematoma and is less likely to cause discomfort. Also, unlike competing brands, the Trovan/AEG needle has a double bevel. Therefore the Trovan/AEG needle neatly incises the skin rather than puncturing it. The opening heals more easily, and the transponder is less likely to be extruded. There is also no need to orientate the needle relative to the animal.



- The Trovan transponder is manufactured in a fully automated ISO 9001 manufacturing process which ensures consistency in product quality. The fully automated mass production of the Trovan product allows economies of scale; and ensures availability of large quantities of transponders of a consistent quality; at optimal prices to the end-user. Other technologies require semi-manual assembly of transponders, which can result in variations in the assembly process, also limiting the number of transponders potentially available for large-scale applications. In certain competing brands, the transponder is placed inside the needle by hand before packaging and sterilisation!


- Research has shown the standard price of Trovan/AEG "Chips4Fish" is lower than any other product on the UK market. Economies of scale come into play here because the Trovan product is manufactured in a fully automated manufacturing process (i.e. nothing is touched by human hands at any stage of the manufacturing process, resulting in fewer factory rejects). The end product is a low-cost, reliable product, and we pass these advantages on to the end-user.

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