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Why tag Koi?


There are a number of reasons why your fish should be invisibly security tagged, whether you are a keeper with a small pond and a limited number of fish, a private lake or a large angling centre.

1)   Fish, particularly large koi, are a valuable asset - why risk leaving them unprotected?

2)   A micro-chipped fish immediately becomes an identifiable individual.  Koi keepers often claim that they can identify fish from photographs and I wouldn't argue against that point but  how much more secure to have an indisputable identity, in the form of an incorruptible microchip ID, than to argue over possible likenesses, on a photograph, of a fish that can gain or lose weight and whose features do change as the fish grows.

3)   You may even save money on insurance.  Unidentifiable fish are a thief's best friend!

"Where now?" I hear you ask.  It's an easy question to answer - just phone or email us for further  details and I'll get back to you.